Extensive work done by club this summer in Howe Sound

2020 has seen a number of significant projects at the Howe Sound Recreation Sites. The first was the completion of the volunteer-built prototype Bain Creek composting toilet, and work on the access trail. We will be evaluating the performance of this toilet prototype as it gets used.

It was then decided to proceed with contractor-built toilets at all four remaining sites, based on an adaptation of the two-chamber composting toilets used on the Sunshine Coast Trail (based in turn on composting toilets on the Appalachian Trail). The first of these was completed at Tantalus Landing in early June. At the same time, a large, dangerous granite flake was scaled from a cliff above the boat run by a rock climber/scaler; a hazard tree was felled; a new camping area (“The Penthouse”) opened up above the existing clearing; and rock steps were built to access the new area.

The second of these toilets was competed at Islet View at the end of June. The contractor also used his chainsaw skills to push a trail through to a new camping area on a plateau at the west end of the site. A follow-up volunteer work party kayaked to the site, built rock steps on the new trails and leveled two tent pads in the new camping area. The last two toilets, at Ramillies Channel and Thornbrough Channel, are scheduled to be built in September.

The latest project is a tent platform on the high rock bluffs at Thornbrough Channel. Materials had been dropped off at the site last fall. In early August, a crew of three volunteers camped at the site and built the framework. The decking will be fastened down and stained in a follow-up work party.

Submitted by Steve Best, SKABC Howe Sound Stewardship Chair

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