South Thormanby Island Conservation and Improvement Work party trip

South Thormanby Island Conservation and Improvement Work party trip

Classification 3B

28-30 September 2024  (Saturday to Monday)

Two-night conservation trip to Simson Prov Park on S Thormanby Island Sunshine Coast. We will travel by kayak (approx. 3 NM) from Coopers Green boat ramp to Farm Bay. We will camp at a pleasant basic site, without facilities. No fires permitted. A simple shared latrine can be dug and later backfilled.

Work party activities may include and will be refined after meeting with BC Park Staff later this summer.

  • invasive plant maintenance- begun 2023/24 - we worked on ivy and blackberry
  • volunteers for checking walking trail routes, and clearing the trail's corridor of overgrown vegetation (brushing)
  • minor re-routing work on a waterlogged trail by a beaver pond
  • temporary signage of trails
  • a beach clean-up

Trip leaders: Cynthia Kennedy, and Nick Heath

Standard trip safety protocols will be adhered to i.e. TC safety gear, boat flotation, thermal protection for paddling, group stays together, observing and compliance with signals from the leader or designate.  PPE to be worn when working – some provided. Sturdy work clothes and rain gear are needed. Opportunities for recreational paddling from the campsite if time permits and an agreed safety regimen are observed.

SKABC has received a grant from the BC Park Enhancement Fund for this work, reimbursement of ferry fares can be made.

More details will be posted later.

8 participants

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