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Benefits of SKABC Membership

Whether you are a seasoned kayaker looking for paddling companions, or a novice who recently heard the call of the ocean, SKABC membership has a lot to offer, including:

  • comprehensive training programs and practice sessions
  • a wide selection of trips, ranging from half-day jaunts in local waters to multi-day trips along the BC coast and abroad
  • discounts at selected businesses, including discounts on boat rental
  • access to the annual MEC club night where you receive 10% off any purchase, including boats
  • monthly meetings with great speakers and the opportunity to meet fellow members
  • special events and dinners: The Spring Fling, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Christmas Party.
  • access to the SKABC library, a great source of reference books and videos on kayaking
  • access to the SKABC Newsletter archive for trip ideas and information
  • access and participation in discussions on the General Discussion, Buy & Sell and Short Notice Paddles forums
  • access to the Member Directory
  • opportunities to become involved in organizing and running SKABC events–furthering your kayaking and leadership skills; courses are available for free in some cases

The Membership year runs January - December. Those who join in Oct/Nov/Dec are given the courtesy of having their membership rolled over to following year. Signing up in September? Note that your membership will expire December 31 of that same year!

Membership Fees

Individual Membership: $45 per year
Family Members: an extra $10 per year.
Add your family members' email addresses when you register so they can sign up for $10. The $10 covers any and all family members living in the same household as the person who took out membership (referred to as the Primary Family Member).

More about joining SKABC as a family:

Family members' profiles are linked by email address. Note that EACH individual family member must register with SKABC by clicking the Join SKABC button below and agree to the Waiver of Liability.

  1. The first family member to join registers as the Primary Family Member and provides the email addresses of additional family members who will join SKABC. The Primary Family Member pays a $45 fee.
  2. Each additional family member must then register with SKABC, indicate that they are a Family Member, and reference the email address of the Primary Family Member.
    1. The second family member to join pays the additional $10 family fee (for a total of $55).
    2. Other family members may join SKABC without further payment.

Tip: If you are having trouble linking your accounts, check that the spellings of your email addresses match.


Because kayaking can be a risky sport, you must agree to the following when you sign up as a member:

  • Assumption of Risk
  • Statement of Member Responsibilities
  • Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement

Click the button to join us.Join SKABC
Already a current member or did your membership expire in the last two years? Don't click the Join button! Log in and go to the For Members page to renew.

If you have questions about membership or joining the club, please contact the Membership Coordinator.