Mailing address:

601-1477 Fountain Way
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 3W9

Club officers:

Email Links Name
President ( Chantal Ethier*
Vice President ( George Prevost*
Secretary ( Theresa Davies*
Treasurer ( Nick Heath* / Mary Yee
Membership ( John Leung / Walter Aragon
Training ( Chantal Ethier*
Trips Officers ( Allan Edwin / George Prevost / Kapila Jayaweera
Safety ( Scott Tebbutt
Programs Committee ( Kevin Hall / Karin Hartner* / Sue Johnson
Librarian ( Lorraine Sharpsteen
Social Committee ( Andrea Kovits / Jayne Hardy / Alice Wong / Deb Merchant / Iveta Janot
Marine Trails, Parks and Conservation ( Yekaterina Yushmanova
Howe Sound Steward ( Steve Best*
Communications ( Kirsten Hathaway
Outreach and Promotions ( Calvin Sam*
Website ( Susan Jensen*
Social Media ( Mike McHolm
Member at Large ( Mike Gilbert
Past President ( Randy Chatterjee

* Indicates Director
To join the club executive or help as an assistant to any of the above,  email us!