Join the SKABC Executive

Are you looking for a great opportunity to give something back to SKABC, the best kayak club on the water? Then look no further. At the Annual General Meeting in November, some of our current Executive will be hanging up their sprayskirts making room for new volunteers to bring their enthusiasm and skills to help run the club.

Joining the Executive is a great way to meet more people in the club and gain a better sense of what goes on behind the scenes. You'll increase your appreciation for the dedication and talent among SKABC members that makes this such a vibrant club -- and your contribution will be appreciated in return.

All of the positions on the Executive are up for reelection each year. Specifically, here are descriptions of the roles where we're actively looking for volunteers right now:

** Programs Coordinator(s): Sets content and books presenters for monthly club meetings. Sets budget for meeting and presenter costs. Can be a shared position.

** Trips Officer(s): Schedules trips for the club and identifies qualified trip leaders. Ensures trips are posted on the website. Facilitates meetings of trip leaders. Reviews club trip policies and reports issues as needed. Can be a shared position.

** Conservation Officer: Promotes SKABC's conservation goals. Flows information from outside groups to members via our website, newsletter, and club meetings. Organizes participation in shoreline cleanups. Represents SKABC to the Outdoor Recreation Council.

** Assistant Communications: Helps coordinate avenues of communication to members via email, social media and website. Creates content for news updates and social media.

All of these roles are collaborative -- volunteers on the Executive mentor and support each other during busy times.

Also, there are many other specific jobs and activities that do not require joining the executive. Examples include helping with events, outreach activities, moderating our forums, and improving our social media presence. Veteran club members are needed in mentoring roles that require experience such as presenting at club meetings, organizing workshops and demos, documenting club history, leading trips, and instructing courses.

If you are thinking about taking on an executive role or volunteering for a specific activity, please contact any executive member or email to learn more.

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Video – Sea to Sky Marine Trail in Howe Sound

Steve Best completed the narration of his Howe Sound video and BC Marine Trails has posted it in its YouTube Channel. All the club's work as on the Sea To Sky Marine Trail in Howe Sound is coming to life!

More information about SKABC's Howe Sound Stewardship Initiative is here.

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Volunteer opportunities with SKABC

Help is needed immediately to make this Fall's events and programs great.

  • Help plan club meetings by joining the club executive as the Programs chair
  • Suggest guest speakers or lead a presentation at a club meeting
  • Nominate a member for the Orca Award or Silver Paddle Award.

Please contact Susan at today with your ideas and to help in any of these areas.

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Info and links from guest speaker Graham Sorenson on coastal bird studies

Here's a note and some information from September's guest speaker Graham Sorenson:

"Thanks again for a great evening yesterday ... it was a great crowd to present to. I really enjoyed getting so many interested questions. I wanted to send along some links to different information that I mentioned during the talk in case anyone wanted to know more.

  • Subscribe to monthly eNews from Bird Studies Canada – updates on projects, new findings, and birds across Canada.
  • Volunteer with Bird Studies Canada in BC with one of these programs
  • Join our national program, Project FeederWatch, and contribute to citizen science from your home.
  • Use eBird to document species you see, while kayaking, walking, or sitting on your porch.
  • Document birds and other species with iNaturalist, and get help with identification just by uploading a photo (the program can provide automated suggestions, other users on the site can also suggest IDs).
  • Use bird books or phone apps to learn to ID birds (Merlin bird app is free and walks you through steps to ID your bird)
  • If you are interested in volunteering in a coastal program (Coastal Waterbird Survey or Beached Bird Survey) consider coming out to our Training Workshop in Tsawwassen (details and registration in link)."
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Picnic tables built for Howe Sound Sites

Earlier this month, SKABC members Darlene Heath, Steve Best and I delivered and put in place 5 picnic tables at 4 of our 6 Howe Sd sites. Mick Allen had also helped on the project, but was not part of our delivery and installation crew.

The tables are cedar and, including delivery and RSTBC official brown stain, they cost about $150 each. The low cost was not due to poor materials - every board is through-bolted with substantial galvanized coach bolts - but is largely due to the lumber being "free" i.e. re-purposed house decking. It was more work to be sure - but durable, we hope. It gives some additional satisfaction to know this usable lumber did not go to the landfill/chipper/composter, unlike so much other used lumber.

So each Sea to Sky Marine Trail (STSMT) site now has a table except Islet View, which seems too small for one, unless we can brush out more area. Zorro Bay has 2 tables - one at the main N beach and one near the the S beach. Tantalus Landing has, of course, the superior Randy C mega-table.

** Update 2018 08 24- we move the second Zorro Bay table to Islet View for reasons that are too complicated to explain here, so now each has a table of its own ** (Nick)

It remains to be seen how well they stand up to weather. (The humans wilted a little in the heat that day.)

Steve Best at Thornbrough table

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