Club Secretary Needed

Looking to meet new people and also give back in the new year? Join the SKABC Executive as the Secretary. It's a Directorship and an important job in keeping the club running smoothly!

The Executive meets once a month on a weekday evening. Once or twice a year there may be a weekend planning session and/or special director's meeting. Being the Secretary, and would coordinate with other Execs on the following:

- Ensure that minutes are kept (recorded, presented, amended, approved) of Exec (Directors) and General meetings.
- Coordinate to post minutes on the web site
- Maintain official records and documents of the Association except those required to be kept by the Treasurer, President or the Membership Officer. All official documents are to be kept digitally and maintained on a a website accessible to other members of the executive or for approved minutes, to all members and are updated by the appropriate executive.
- Issue notices of meetings of the Association and the Executives and prepare agendas for those meetings.
- Perform actions necessary to maintain the good standing of the Association in compliance with statutes and other legal requirements.
- Liaise with Association Standing Committees (Nominations Committee, Silver Paddle Award Committee)
- Cause a review of official club policy documents in conjunction with the President, Safety Officer, and the appropriate Executive or Committee Chair.
- Misc correspondence.

Contact Susan at asap to find out more about this position!

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Photos from SKABC Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Thanks to everyone who organized and attended the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Hollyburn Sailing Club!

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Sea Kayaking Safety Guide from Transport Canada

Here's a link to the Sea Kayaking Safety Guide by Transport Canada featured at our October club meeting. Thanks Scott T. for sending this along. It has also been added to the Safety Resources on the Trip Planning page.

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Award Nominations

Nominations are open for SKABC Silver Paddle and Orca Awards. Please email your suggestions, including the reasons for the nomination to Karin. ( Note that we try to pick new recipients every year (the list of past winners is below).

2003 Orca Award: Harald Riffel
2004 Orca Award: Ray Pillman
2005 Orca Award: Rick Davies
2006 Orca Award: Tony Clayton
2007 Orca Award: Cindy Dopson
Silver Paddle Awards:
2008: Gayla Shulhan, George Prevost, Kallie Cunningham and Peter Kearney.
2009: Bob Maher and Maureen Benzon
2013: Richard Jensen and Susan Jensen
2014: Karin Hartner, Nick Heath, Rob Leeson
2015: Mick Allen, Shirley Brunke, Simone Avram
2017: Roy Smyth, Inge Zegel, Bruce Pickwell, Randy Chatterjee
2018: Graham Lorimer, Bob Salo, Steve Best, Chantal Ethier
2018: Orca Award: Nick Heath

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Join the club executive

Take your involvement with the SKABC community to the next level by joining the club executive. Update: specifically volunteers are needed for website development and to send out course surveys. There are also opportunities to assist in other roles. Job descriptions are here. The list of officers and positions for this past year is on the Contact page.

The executive meets about 10 times a year in the evening mid-month -- it's a lot of fun with refreshments provided.

The Annual General Meeting is in November so now's the time to let us know if you're interested. Email Chantal and Susan at to discuss what opportunities fit your interests, experience and availability.

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