Basic trip planning and kayak packing clinic with a half day paddle –April 21

This is a full day clinic where we’ll go over basic trip planning, a list* a gear you must/should bring along and how to pack your kayak. Following this we will get on the water for a 1/2 day paddle with the gear you would require for a 4-day trip.

There are still spots left in this course. Log in to find this course in the events listing.

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Special offer: JF Marleau and Justine Curgenven’s books, DVDs

JF Marleau, our February guest presenter and owner of SKILS, is extending a special offer to all SKABC members on two of his books that were recently updated and published at the end of 2020:

Navigation Sea State & Weather - A Paddlers Manual - 2nd Ed.Regularly $27.99, 40% off for SKABC members = $16.79

Kayaking the Broken Group Islands - 3rd Ed.Regularly $21.99, 40% off for SKABC members = $13.19


Additionally, JF’s partner, Justine Curgenven, is extending special pricing on her DVD’s:

This is the Sea                    $10
This is the Sea 2                $10
This is the Sea 3                $10
This is the Sea 4                $10
This is the Sea 5                $10
This is the Roll                   $20
This is the Roll 2                $10
This is Canoeing                $10
Kayaking the Aleutians  $10

These special prices are not available through his or Justine’s websites and are being organized as a group buy to get the discount and reduce shipping & handling costs. It’s expected that S&H will add $2-$3 per item, but this will be dependent upon how many orders are placed. Note also that GST will be added as well.

Please submit your orders to Deb M (log in to view email) before Friday, March 5th to take advantage of this special offer. JF will turn the order around quickly so that it’s in Vancouver and ready for distribution before the 15th. Several members have volunteered to act as pick-up points in the Lower Mainland and Squamish. Please advise Deb of your preferred pick-up location when you submit your order – addresses and contact info will be shared with purchasers when items are ready for pick-up.

Club Member Location Region
Deb M Burnaby Deer Lake
John L Coquitlam David & Coast Meridian
Sue J North Vancouver 22nd & Lonsdale
Enoth L Vancouver 49th & Main
Steve B Squamish (& dropoff in Lions Bay)
Kevin Ladner Ladner Trunk Rd & Arthur Drive
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Rescue practice videos

The club isn't able to organize group rescue practice sessions quite yet. Here's some viewing that can help if you're going to practice with a partner. Thanks Sue Johnson for sending these along -- great to watch if you're unfamiliar or as a refresher!

Paddle float, self-rescue:

Paddle float with heel hook, self-rescue:

Cowboy, self-rescue:

Bow rescue, assisted rescue: The bow rescue is called a T-rescue in this video but usually a T-rescue denotes a different rescue. See below.

T-rescue, assisted rescue: . Rescue is near the end of the video.

T-rescue with heel hook, assisted rescue:

Scoop, assisted rescue:

Hand of God, assisted rescue:

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Paddling Film Festival — online — watch now

Are you sitting on your couch waiting for the virus situation and the weather to improve, or maybe taking advantage of the occasional rain-free day to get out and paddle at a safe distance from others? If you’re dreaming of exciting adventures on the water when Covid restrictions loosen up, you could kickstart your dreams by watching paddling films from the World Tour Paddling Film Festival streamed directly to your computer or mobile device.

There are three approximately two-hour long programs, each of which costs $15 US dollars to stream. If you use the following link to access the films, a portion of the proceeds will go to support SKABC (your local sea kayaking club) and you will get a code that you can use to receive a 10% discount:

Trailers of the films are available for free viewing at:

Happy viewing and thanks for your support!

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Guest speaker resources and links from Jackie Hildering

SKABC welcomed Jackie Hildering as guest speaker on humpback whales for our January club meeting. Here is a message from her with links she referenced in her presentation.

Thank you again so much for your interest and enthusiasm for “The Return of Giants”.

The survey link I referenced is here It addresses information provided in the presentation and at The survey takes an average of 10 minutes and helps us know the value of the presentations and in applying for grants for further education. As mentioned, we have provided a 15% discount code for Whale Warning Flags at the end of the survey.

What follows at the end of this message, after my signature, are links that may be of further use.

Please do follow us on social media and share content to educate and engage others.

Thank you for your time and shared concern for the welfare of marine wildlife, and vessel operators.

Warm wishes,


Jackie Hildering
Education / Communications Director and Humpback Researcher
Marine Education and Research Society


Links / information that may be of further use:

To help with positioning “See a Blow? Go Slow!” signs, please see the questionnaire at

Summary of the Canadian Marine Mammal Regulations, Emergency Measures for the Southern Resident Orca and best practices:

MERS video “How to Save a Whale”:

Our filmed presentations, includes “Boaters and Marine Mammals - Safety and Stewardship”, note that we use a system of people requesting presentations by filling in a form so we have a better idea of what audience is being reached.

Sightings related:

To download the BC Cetacean Sightings WhaleReport app: For information on how this interfaces with the “Whale Report Alert System”:

To share photos (taken outside 200 m) with us for the purposes of identifying individual whales or sightings of branded sea lions, please see

Ocean Store

Our Ocean Store with a direct link to the Whale Warning Flag and sustainable gift ideas:

Further ways to help

Includes Humpback Whale sponsorship and donations:

Links relevant to questions resulting from Monday's presentation

The Marine Detective on social media:

Research papers:

Our MERS trap-feeding research (novel feeding strategy):

Dr. John Ford’s paper “Fight or flight: antipredator strategies of baleen whales”

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