SKABC COVID-19 Requirements and Recommendations

Date: April 10, 2022

SKABC will conduct activities in accordance with whatever BC Provincial Guidelines are in place at the time each particular activity occurs. As of April 8, 2022 SKABC no longer requires vaccination or COVID screening to attend club events.

If a person has symptoms of illness they should not attend club events. If a leader or instructor finds themselves unable to participate and this means that if there is no longer the safe ratio of paddlers to leaders that was approved by the Trips or Training Officers, then the activity can no longer proceed as a SKABC sanctioned paddle.

SKABC Recommendations

Depending on current provincial guidelines, wearing a mask while on land may or may not be required. However, please note that wearing a mask while on the water can be a safety hazard and is not encouraged.

If you choose to carpool, consider wearing masks in the car.

Situations may arise where people have to work in close physical proximity to assist each other. Consider the associated risks and what extra precautions you might be able to take to minimize these risks.

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