June guest speaker links — FYI

Many thanks to guest speakers Norm Hann and John Kimantas who spoke at our virtual club meeting on June 7.

John gave information on BC Marine Trails' Site Assessment Program.

Norm's excellent film Howe Sound can be found here: https://normhann.com/2019/10/howe-sound-short-film/

Here's a link to the VSSL “vessel” first-aid kit Norm showed: https://vsslgear.ca/products/vssl-first-aid

Subscribe to Norm’s newsletter on his website and he’ll send you his Nifty Nine must-pack items for mult-day paddling trips.

Norm also spoke of weather forecasts from Environment Canada. He also uses the hourly reports* from the Pam Rocks weather station.

*Our director Nick Heath explains "These are not forecasts but are real time reports, updated hourly. On the day one is paddling, they can be useful to tell you what is happening a few miles away, which can be quite different from at one's start point and these are also good if one is heading in that direction. They can also give you a pattern to check if today's weather is more or less similar to yesterday's and if the wind shifted yesterday from outflow to inflow at 11 am then it probably will be similar today etc - but they are not hourly forecasts. The data are available for 24 hrs then are archived for ever, but can still be easily retrieved, as for all other BC coast weather stations (when they are working properly)".

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