Three films to be screened in April — links to trailers

We are pleased to present the first of several free events for members this coming Friday evening, April 23. There will be opportunities to socialize with friends and to watch three excellent films from the WaterWalker 2020 Film Festival. They are:

Patagonia Triple Crown – A group of top white-water kayakers from around the world set out to challenge three of the wildest rivers in Chile. Despite a few setbacks they succeed in paddling some of the most spectacular white-water on the planet. Even if you’re not a fan of white-water paddling, this film is well worth watching for the beauty of the scenery and the outstanding production values.  Here’s a link to the trailer: The Patagonia Triple Crown Trailer - YouTube

Howe Sound – Norm Hahn, a well known local, takes us on a tour of Howe Sound on his stand-up paddleboard. This beautifully filmed tribute to a spectacular area right in our backyard includes a strong environmental message. TRAILER - HOWE SOUND - YouTube

ICEolation – An Australian couple take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Antarctic peninsula, kayaking alone and unsupported for fourteen days through some of the world’s most stunning scenery. What more is there to say? ICEolation - The Trailer on Vimeo

Log in to see the event calendar for info on how to sign up for the film event this Friday. Hope to see you then!

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