January BCMTN update – event on June 21

Hi all,

Please find an update of one event planned by the BCMTN.

Right now, the BC Marine Trails sites are shown as icons on the website map but as yet there are no signs on any of the sites themselves – they are physically ‘invisible’.  This does not help us, the BCMTN, increase their profile, which we need to do to gain support for the initiative from paddlers, the public, and potential stakeholders (land owners, commercial accommodations on the shorelines, etc).

The first BCMTN sign raising is taking place on June 21, 2014, at Musgrave Point, Salt Spring Island and we are wanting to promote the event and celebrate it big!!  We are appealing to members of all 11 BCMTN member clubs (SKABC is one) to help put on a big show.

If you are able to make the day or make it a weekend paddling event for you & your friends please find more information below.  The  BCMTN are asking for volunteers, especially from the local clubs.

Basic Plan for now:  Things are subject to change as we are still ~ 5months away from the celebration.

1.       Some weeks ahead of time – volunteers will do some site improvement – build a trail up to upland camping area, add a picnic table or two, fix up the outhouse, etc.

2.       Evening of Jun 20 – volunteers will arrive, camp overnight, prepare cooking area and canopy over sign raising area.

3.       June 21 around 11am – rest of paddlers, guests (some dignitaries, some people connected with early history of BCMTA) and media will arrive – launching from various launch points nearby

4.       With great fanfare, we ‘raise’ the sign

5.       Big barbeque dinner prepared by volunteers

6.       After celebration and dinner some paddlers will leave, others will opt to stay the night, perhaps do a day paddle somewhere in the area the next day before going home.

If you might be interested in taking part in this event in June, let me know and I can let the committee know and provide you with more details.  This will also provide the organizing committee with enthusiasm levels for the event.

During the months prior to this event, we will be attempting to gain permission to put up more signs – BC Parks and National Parks campsites, and community access points.  These signs will hopefully steadily go up all summer long, making the BCMTN Gulf Islands PA visible to all.

Thanks for your time & on a final note:

Promotional Items:  If you are interested in a hat with the BCMTN logo, for $17 each, let me know and I will try and get them here asap.

Linda Rushlow

Marine Trails, Parks and Conservation



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