Desolation Sound Changes

Since the end of the 2012 season, a number of changes have been made in three of the area parks: Desolation Sound, the Copeland Islands and Malaspina Provincial Marine Parks. There are now only 11 designated campsites throughout these parks (which does not include Roscoe Bay, Walsh Cove, Okeover or Teakerne Arm).

There are now vault toilets at every designated site with up to 11 raised wooden tent platforms or pads at each site.  There are additional picnic tables at some sites.

  • Camping is  permitted only in designated campsites.
  • Campers must use the tent pads, and are asked to prevent erosion by placing tents, and all gear on the tent pads.
  • Campsites are available on a first-come first-serve basis and sites must not be held  for other parties.
  • Campfires are not permitted.

Sites may be reviewed on a map with individual site details at or at

The designated sites are:

  • Nuxwum (or Weed) Island (to N of Middle Copeland I)
  • North Copeland I
  • Sarah Point
  • Feather Cove
  • Hare Point
  • Grace Harbour
  • Bold Head
  • Tenedos Bay
  • Curme I West
  • Curme I East
  • Curme I South

BC Parks wanted to create more designated sites (e.g. South Copeland I) to preserve various  park values but ran out of funds last year.  Perhaps we can lobby for more $ for them? If you have comments, I'll be pleased to pass them along to the appropriate people at BC Parks.

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Owned my first kayak at age 15 and still paddling, but evidently I'm a slow learner! Always needing more help for BC Marine Trails Network Assn and for conservation efforts here and there.
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