Nominations open for Silver Paddle and Orca Awards

The Silver Paddle Award is given by the club executive to express gratitude for a member's valuable contributions to SKABC over the years. In 2023 we are also asking for nominations for the Orca Award. This award is a way of saying thank-you to a person who has made significant contributions not only to SKABC but to the sea kayaking community as a whole.

Nomination guidelines: The club strives to recognize unique individuals each year -- someone who hasn't won before! The list of past recipients is below. Nominations are being accepted now - the deadline is October 15, 2023. Awards will be given at the November 6 Annual General Meeting.

Email Susan Jensen (see member list) to submit your nominations. Thanks!

History of The Silver Paddle and Orca Awards:

These Silver Paddle Award award winners were selected by the club executive to recognize and say a huge thank you for a member's volunteer efforts over the years!

Past Silver Paddle Award Winners:

2021: Philip Kubik

2019: Sue Johnson and Calvin Sam

2018: Graham Lorimer, Bob Salo, Steve Best, Chantal Ethier

2017: Roy Smyth, Inge Zegel, Bruce Pickwell, Randy Chatterjee

2015 Silver Paddle Recipients: Mick Allen, Shirley Brunke, Simone Avram

2014 Silver Paddle Recipients: Karin Hartner, Nick Heath, Rob Leeson

2013 Silver Paddle Recipients: Richard Jensen and Susan Jensen

2009 Silver Paddle Recipients: Bob Maher and Maureen Benzon

2008 Silver Paddle Recipients: Gayla Shulhan, George Prevost, Kallie Cunningham and Peter Kearney.

SKABC instituted the Orca Award as a way to recognize people who have made significant contributions to the kayaking community as a whole. Nominations for this award are sought from all club members before the Annual General Meeting. The challenge is choosing one person from a large group of people who have made a difference.

Past Orca Award Winners

2021 Orca Award: Steve Best

2018 Orca Award: Nick Heath

2007 Orca Award: Cindy Dopson

2006 Orca Award: Tony Clayton

2005 Orca Award: Rick Davies

2004 Orca Award: Ray Pilman

2003 Orca Award: Harald Riffel

A huge thank you to these recipients. We hope to continue the tradition of presenting Orca and Silver Paddle Awards in the future.

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