Trip Leader Meeting Thursday Feb 24

Update: Thanks for all who attended. Registration for early season trips is starting in March. If you missed the meeting, you can propose a trip using the Trip Posting Form -- log in and find it under the Trips menu.

Interested in organizing or leading a club trip?  Your help in offering members opportunities to get together in person to paddle will be hugely appreciated!  Join us Thursday via Zoom with your ideas and proposed dates for club trips.  The Zoom link is in the Event listing (log in to view as this is for members only).

We’re hoping to offer a variety of day trips -- especially early in the season so members can get to know other paddlers.  Multi-day destinations will be popular as well.  Some ideas are:

  • Day trips in the Lower Mainland
  • Paddle series on weekday evenings
  • Howe Sound - day and overnight
  • Gulf Islands overnight
  • Multiday on Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island
  • Themed trips like cooking, conservation, walk-on ferry, or mentoring
  • Group camping weekends

Info about becoming a leader or coordinator is in the Trips menu of the website (log in to view all the resources). There is also a new Trip Posting Form where you can submit your trip proposal anytime.

All members interested in organizing club trips are encouraged to join in. Hope to see you then!


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