Award Nominations

Nominations are open for SKABC Silver Paddle and Orca Awards. Please email your suggestions, including the reasons for the nomination to Karin. ( Note that we try to pick new recipients every year (the list of past winners is below).

2003 Orca Award: Harald Riffel
2004 Orca Award: Ray Pillman
2005 Orca Award: Rick Davies
2006 Orca Award: Tony Clayton
2007 Orca Award: Cindy Dopson
Silver Paddle Awards:
2008: Gayla Shulhan, George Prevost, Kallie Cunningham and Peter Kearney.
2009: Bob Maher and Maureen Benzon
2013: Richard Jensen and Susan Jensen
2014: Karin Hartner, Nick Heath, Rob Leeson
2015: Mick Allen, Shirley Brunke, Simone Avram
2017: Roy Smyth, Inge Zegel, Bruce Pickwell, Randy Chatterjee
2018: Graham Lorimer, Bob Salo, Steve Best, Chantal Ethier
2018: Orca Award: Nick Heath

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