Info and links from guest speaker Graham Sorenson on coastal bird studies

Here's a note and some information from September's guest speaker Graham Sorenson:

"Thanks again for a great evening yesterday ... it was a great crowd to present to. I really enjoyed getting so many interested questions. I wanted to send along some links to different information that I mentioned during the talk in case anyone wanted to know more.

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  • Volunteer with Bird Studies Canada in BC with one of these programs
  • Join our national program, Project FeederWatch, and contribute to citizen science from your home.
  • Use eBird to document species you see, while kayaking, walking, or sitting on your porch.
  • Document birds and other species with iNaturalist, and get help with identification just by uploading a photo (the program can provide automated suggestions, other users on the site can also suggest IDs).
  • Use bird books or phone apps to learn to ID birds (Merlin bird app is free and walks you through steps to ID your bird)
  • If you are interested in volunteering in a coastal program (Coastal Waterbird Survey or Beached Bird Survey) consider coming out to our Training Workshop in Tsawwassen (details and registration in link)."
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