Knots & Tarps Course Report

Eager to learn about the mysteries of tying knots and setting up tarps, 10 participants met on March 18th at the BC Parks office at Mount Seymour for the SKABC Knots and Tarps course.

Bob Salo and Graham Lorimer were ready and waiting to start us off learning basic rope types, construction, pros and cons and various uses. They then taught us how to tie a number of different knots, telling us what each could be used for. We got lots of hands-on practice and one on one assistance to help us through the process.

After lunch, we went outside to practice our new skills by setting up various tarp systems.  It was very helpful being able to apply the skills in a practical setting as it proved to be a bit more challenging than in the classroom! To finish off the day Bob and Graham demonstrated how to set up a food cache system.

Bob and Graham did a fantastic job of sifting through a large amount of information, presenting us with that which would be most helpful for camper/kayakers. They both provided lots of useful tips to help make knot tying and setting up tarps a lot easier.  It was a very relaxed, fun and informative course that I would highly recommend!

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