Get Ready for Spring – a Quick Safety Review

safety-firstSpring is here and soon we'll be heading out on the water again. The first SKABC courses have already taken place and the first trips have launched.

Just because your paddling trip at the end of last season was a good one, doesn't mean your equipment and processes can't use a little review. Before you head out, here are some tips to ensure a safe 2016 paddling season:

  • Check your equipment:
    • Kayak: What shape is it in? How are the rudder cables? The deck lines? Grommets?
    • Safety Gear: what shape is it in? Is it complete? Do any items need replacing?
    • First Aid Kit: Do any items need replacing?
    • Communication Equipment: Does it work? Are the batteries charged? Do you remember how to use it?
  • Always complete a Float Plan for a trip
  • Use the Launch Site Checklist before getting on the water
  • Check out the new Whistle & Paddle Signals handout to improve on-water communication

You can find additional checklists and trip planning forms on the Trip Planning page.

Remember: Always be accountable for your safety and your paddling partner's safety


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