Update on boat launch closure at Toquaht Bay

FYI: Letter from Resource Manager at Toquaht Bay and link to informational website:

Good afternoon everyone.  I would like to provide you with an update with respect to the status of the boat launch and marina at Toquaht Bay.

As you are likely aware, the boat launch and marina remain closed due to the unacceptable human health risk caused by Iron, Cobalt, Selenium and Arsenic contamination in the soil.  The province is currently reviewing the feasibility of reopening the boat launch in the midterm by way of works that could temporarily mitigate the human health risk.  It is likely that a decision will not be made for a number of months while site data is gathered and analyzed by the respective experts.

Unfortunately, boat launch options will remain unchanged in the meantime and I will be sure to keep you in the loop as information develops.

We have recently released an update that pertains to the status of the site as a whole that you may be aware of:


Thank you,

Darryl Slater RPF

Resource Manager
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
South Island Natural Resource District

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