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See the Trip Planning page for resources on equipment, safety and preparedness.


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About the SKABC Trips forum If you see a topic that interests you, click on the topic title – you will see more info and any replies. You can add your own reply and it will be sent to the person who started the topic as well as anyone else who replied.

To create a new topic use the form on this page. Give your topic a descriptive title. Next, click in the text area below the title and add more information. (Don't press return at the end of your title - that submits your posting.) (Only current club members can see the forum, read topics and reply.)  When you're done, make sure the box Notify me of follow-up replies is checked and click Submit.

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Note that if you let your membership expire, all your forum and topic subscriptions are cancelled and you will be unable to view the forum.

The Forum will be moderated by the Trips Committee and inappropriate posts may be edited or removed at the Trips Committee’s discretion. If you have any questions about the Forum, please email

Again please note that all activities arranged through the Forum are unofficial paddles neither organized nor led by SKABC, and are not covered by club insurance. Participants are responsible for their own safety at all times.

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