Harrison River – October 26

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    Allan Edwin

    We now have reached a total of 35 members registered for this paddle. Karin, who has led this trip for many seasons, says this is the most ever. If you would like to get onto the wait list for this paddle, please reply to this post.

    This should be a great event, but we will need to do some advance prep to make sure details are taken care of to make sure everyone is taken care of.

    If you would like to meet up at the Sasquatch Inn after the paddle, please reply here. We need a general idea of how many people want to do this so we can alert the pub that we are coming.

    This event also requires shuttling drivers between the put-in and take-out. We will be dropping boats at Harrison Village first, then driving our cars down to the take-out. Some cars will be needed to bring the drivers back to the put-in. If you are willing to help co-ordinate the shuttles, please respond here.


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    Cynthia Materi

    Hi Allen,

    Quirine has offered me a ride so I am good.  Will be available to help lead and will go to the Inn afterwards as I believe Quirine has said she is going too.



    Ansley Evans

    Ansley Evans – Please add me to wait list, and would be in for Sasquatch Inn.

    Edwin Bussey

    I would like to join this trip.


    Edwin Bussey

    Rob Leeson

    Allan please add both Rob Leeson and Bob Mahre to the wait list and th Sasquatch Inn after

    Allan Edwin

    Yes, the campground is oriented towards trailers and RVs.

    I will be at the club meeting tomorrow night. I will be happy to chat with anyone already registered or wanting to come along.

    Allan Edwin

    Yes, we are 9:00 am launch. I am going with the 4pm target for arriving at the take-out.

    I am thinking about scouting the route early in October. If there is anyone interested in doing this, please let me know.


    Debra Stokes

    If I make it off the wait list and on the trip, Kilby campground sounds good. I would bring my 13 ft trillium – little warmer/drier than a tent. Looks like they accommodate trailers too.

    Quirine Schuyff

    I like the idea of camping. I’m now carpooling with Cynthia so shall discuss with her.

    Allan: Just to verify….Is put in at 9am? and off water at 4pm? That might help planning ideas for folks. (or me anyway!)

    Allan Edwin

    I like Marina’s camping for the weekend idea. I’d be up for Fri/Sat at Kilby. Anyone else?

    Quirine Schuyff

    Cynthia: I could probably come and get you and your kayak.

    Send me an email if you still need that option. quisch at gmail dot com

    Ronald Simmer

    Kindly add me to the wait list for this Harrison trip including Sask. Inn dinner

    cheers   Ron Simmer

    Marina Gilson

    Yes, I can take another passenger, but can’t fit another kayak on my car.

    I can help shuttling people to/from the put-in site, and I am in for the pub!

    Anyone else thinking of camping on Friday and/or Saturday nights? May as well make a weekend out of it!



    Allan Edwin

    Excited to see all the responses and interest this far in advance. We have another 7 weeks to go, but please continue to post if you are willing to shepherd for the group, can offer a ride for the day, and/or are planning to visit the Sasquatch Inn after.

    Cynthia, we will find you a ride for the day.


    Cynthia Materi

    Hi Allen,

    I am willing to co-lead but need to find someone willing to pick me and my kayak up at Barnet Marine Park to go out there.  How can I find someone?


    Cynthia Lee

    Quirine Schuyff

    I can help shuttle and am definitely in for the inn!


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