Harrison River – October 26

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    Allan Edwin

    We now have reached a total of 35 members registered for this paddle. Karin, who has led this trip for many seasons, says this is the most ever. If you would like to get onto the wait list for this paddle, please reply to this post.

    This should be a great event, but we will need to do some advance prep to make sure details are taken care of to make sure everyone is taken care of.

    If you would like to meet up at the Sasquatch Inn after the paddle, please reply here. We need a general idea of how many people want to do this so we can alert the pub that we are coming.

    This event also requires shuttling drivers between the put-in and take-out. We will be dropping boats at Harrison Village first, then driving our cars down to the take-out. Some cars will be needed to bring the drivers back to the put-in. If you are willing to help co-ordinate the shuttles, please respond here.


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    Allan Edwin

    One last email to everyone who came and to those who wanted to come. I will be posting this on the club forums as well, as I am still not sure if everyone’s email addresses were logged correctly.

    For those who missed the event, I do not mean to rub it in, but we had a great time. We are very sorry you were not able to come — unfortunately there were scheduling conflicts, family commitments, illness, and injuries that came up. Life goes on and we hope you all are able to get out paddling again soon.

    Many thanks from everyone go to Kapila, Cynthia, Scott, and Martin for leading their pods, as well as the safety paddlers who pitched in. I am deeply grateful for the time and effort you put into herding your assigned group of “cats”. The success of the day owes a lot to you.

    I have posted my photos to a shared Google album. Please feel free to add your photos as well. If I mis-indentified anyone, please let me know.

    I have one final ask to the group, and that is for someone from each pod to please submit a trip summary for your pod. I would be very happy to get a full trip report, but a summary with your highlights and low lights (so we can learn) will be sufficient.

    Thank-you again for being great trip participants! I am looking forward to paddling with you all again.

    Allan Edwin

    Camping: Anya P, Marina G, and me.

    Kilby Campground is now in shoulder season and all sites are First Come / First Served. I am heading up Friday and will be staying until Sunday. The sites are quite large (they are meant for RVs) so it’s possible for all of us to share 1 or 2 sites.

    If you’d like to camp with us, let me know to look out for you. Just look for the cars with kayaks 🙂

    Karen Jensen

    I’m late to the thread – but are there many camping at Kilby?

    I can help with shuttling as well if still needed





    Allan Edwin

    Registration for this event is now closed.

    Weather: Good news! Sunshine is now in the forecast for Saturday. Winds should be light. However daytime temps are dropping. Please dress accordingly.


    • a ride is needed Saturday for Lorraine for anyone who can pick her up in the Queen E. Park area.
    • Colleen is offering to share her vehicle Saturday with anyone starting from Po-Co area.

    Please contact either or message me if you are able to help in either of these cases.

    Allan Edwin

    Hi Lorraine – please email me allan.edwin@gmail.com and we will get you sorted out.

    Lorraine Sharpsteen

    Hello, I have read that there are still up to 6 spaces available but another place states that signup is now closed. I would like to come and car-pool if that’s possible. I can take another kayak and paddler or go with someone else if preferred. If car-pooling isn’t possible then I would still come.

    Can someone please get back to me about whether I can still signup? Thanks.

    Allan Edwin

    Hello all!

    I have been checking the weather forecast and right now it’s saying there will be a clear period before the weekend and then a new system arriving on Saturday with rain. We are still 6 days out, so keep your fingers crossed for no rain or even some blue sky for next Saturday.

    Currently the No Go condition is wind over 10 KTS. The first 20-30 minutes of paddling is across the south end of Harrison Lake and it can be tough slogging to get out to and around Whipporwill point for new paddlers. It does not look like that will be a problem. I will be keeping an eye on it.

    Your pod leaders will have contacted you on email by now. You should know what Pod your are in (A, B, C, D), who your pod leader is, and what time you need to be at Harrison Lake to drop your boat with your pod.

    Now is the time to arrange a ride if you need to carpool with anyone. Post here or contact your pod leader.

    Please update your pod leader with the following for your pod float plan:

    • Emergency Contact & Phone #
    • Vehicle description & Plate or your carpool info
    • Medical info – ICE (In Case of Emergency)

    I am also asking for anyone planning to stop in at the Sasquatch Inn afterwards to let me know that you plan to do that.

    Finally, we still have a few spots open due some folks having to cancel. If you are wanting to come along, please register ASAP. I am closing registrations tomorrow night.

    Allan Edwin

    Had a great day scouting the route today with George Prevost, Martin Feuchtwanger, and Ted Lam.

    We are right at the start of the Coho run. There were already fish spawning and dozens of Eagles waiting to feast on their spent bodies. We went up Weaver Creek and the salmon were so close I touched them from my boat.

    We also saw an ancient petroglyph and some other glyphs along the way. This is going to be a fun paddle!

    Allan Edwin

    Good evening everyone,

    We are only a few weekends away now. We have had some paddlers drop out, so there are still some spots available if you still want to sign up.

    As we have 40 paddlers participating, we have split the pool into 4 pods: A, B, C, and D. Our pod leaders and safety paddlers are:

    A – Kapila Jayaweera, Ted Lam, Stephen Tarrant
    B – Cynthia Rose Lee, Vincent Law, Avaleigh Neill
    C – Scott Tebbutt, Jayne Hardy, Sarah Cummins
    D – Martin Feuchtwanger, George Prevost, Allan Edwin

    Emails should have gone out today to everyone from your pod leaders. First, so you know which pod you are in and who your pod leader is. Second, to request some additional information for the float plan:

    – Emergency Contact and Phone #
    – Your vehicle + plate / carpool info
    – Medical info – ICE

    This last one is In Case of Emergency. You do not have to post it publicly. Email your information to myself or your Pod leader. If you don’t know what pod you’re in, please let me know.

    I am going to be scouting the route this coming Saturday. This is an unofficial paddle, and anyone is welcome. As far as I know, the following are planning to come along: George Prevost, Martin Feuchtwanger, and Ted Lam. We are going to meet up at Harrison Lake at 9 am on Saturday. If you would like to tag along, please email me or post here.

    Martin Feuchtwanger

    I’m willing and able to be a pod leader / safety boater. I need a ride, though.

    As my boat is portable, it can go in the trunk instead of on the roof. I live in east Van.

    I’m open to camping or pub visiting.

    Allan Edwin

    Hello everyone!

    We now have a ride for Cynthia. Anyone else needing a ride, please post here. It would be great if we can get the carpools and shuttles sorted out early so no one is left out.

    Kilby Provincial Park campground is open year round. I am planning to camp there for the weekend. Let me know if you’re coming out too.

    As we have such a large group (40 paddlers!), I am splitting everyone up into 4 pods: A, B, C, and D. We can’t crowd the parking lot and beach, so the pods will be launching in staggered fashion. Each pod will have a leader and 2 safety paddlers. If you are would like to help as a safety paddler, please post here.

    If you are a new paddler and want an experienced paddling buddy, please let us know.

    Cynthia Materi

    Hi Andrea,

    I am not in Kits.  My kayak is at Barnet Marine Park.  Any chance you would be willing to pick me up there for the Harrison trip?  If not, I understand.

    Cynthia Lee

    Allan Edwin

    That’s great Andrea! Ok folks, get ready for some emails. It’s time to ramp up pre-trip planning ..

    Andrea Kovits

    Hi Allen,

    I have a vehicle and room for 1 passenger and kayak.  I would like to carpool with someone from my area.  I live in Kitsilano.

    I am a yes to going to the Sasquatch for dinner.



    Allan Edwin

    Attention wait-listers: I am going to increase the number of paddlers for this trip to 40. Those of you who have asked to be wait listed, please go and register ASAP.

    We are going to hold the trip to 40, so this is really your last chance to sign up for this trip.

    Next step will be to confirm who our safety paddlers will be. With such a large group, we have divide up the crowd into smaller pods each with designated safety paddlers. Some of you have already volunteered to lead a pod or be s safety paddler. I will be in touch with you by email.

    Those of you interested in camping for the weekend, please contact me by email.

    Really starting to get excited about this trip!

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