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    Rose Sirois

    The 2015-16 year (for SKABC: November-December) is quickly coming to a close.  As we approach the November 1, Tuesday meeting at which time the AGM will be held, this year’s current executive is reaching out to YOU, to consider taking on a volunteer role in the Club.

    People volunteer for a variety of reasons. You may want to gain experience, acquire new skills, or meet new people and expand your network of contacts. Others want to give back to their community using their skills,  or promote a worthwhile activity. Kayaking is a worthwhile activity – otherwise why would we be here?!

    The benefits are numerous.  If you want a good vibe from making a difference, enjoy connecting with others and have a few hours you can dedicate to the sport and to building community, consider volunteering with SKABC.

    All the club executive positions are open for any member of the club to stand for nomination.  In particular, the club needs:

    •  a person with accounting skills or who isn’t afraid of numbers (Treasurer);
    • a person who is organized / likes organization and can help others be organized (Secretary);
    • a person who loves the sport and would like to see more people kayaking (Membership)
    • individuals who are passionate about preserving / protecting the environment in which we paddle (Conservation);
    • individuals who are attracted to stimulating ideas and activities and are ready to engage with the broader community (Programs)
    • individuals who are ready to spearhead initiatives that make the Club a richer association of people, activities and ideas (President / Vice-President)

    These are but a few of the many important roles we seek to fill for the 2016-17 year.  Please consider volunteering with SKABC.  Any member of the current executive would be happy to answer your questions and share with you the benefits we’ve received in volunteering for SKABC.

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