Parks of British Columbia Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre building is one of the buildings on this property.


  1. To access this building take Mount Seymour Parkway north to Anne Macdonald Way (as if you were heading up to ski at Mount Seymour).
  2. Turn right on at the intersection to gain access to the 1610 Mount Seymour Road address (you will see a sign for the address posted at the intersection). You will notice park gate arms as you turn off Mount Seymour Road.
  3. Stay to your right at the fork in the road. As you drive past the fork in the road you will begin to see some parking spots. The Heritage Centre building is on the right-hand side of the road directly across from the stairs leading to another building on the property.

This location has limited street lighting. If you will be attending an event here after dark it may be a good idea to bring a flashlight or head lamp when walking back to your vehicle.

  1610 Mount Seymour Road
  North Vancouver, BC

Upcoming Events at this Location:

  • No events scheduled right now.

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