Zoom Talk March 28 @ 7:00 pm Indigenous P&C Area

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    Nick Heath

    Posting on behalf of BCMT

    Dear BC Marine Trails Community,
    We are excited to announce that Chief John Powell of the the Mamalilakulla First Nation will be presenting on their recent establishment of the Gwaxdlala/Nalaxdlala (Lull Bay/Hoeya Sound) Indigenous protected and conserved area (IPCA). This presentation is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about the importance of Indigenous protected areas and the work being done to protect and conserve these areas for future generations.

    The Gwaxdlala/Nalaxdlala IPCA is a beautiful and significant part of the coastal mainland landscape near the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The area encompasses over 10,416 hectares of land and sea and is home to critical estuaries, salmon bearing streams and an important coral reef and sponge habitat. This area has been a part of the traditional territory of the Mamalilakulla people for countless generations and holds great cultural and spiritual significance to the community.

    Chief Powell’s presentation will provide us with valuable insights into the creation of this protected area and the steps taken to ensure that it is managed in a way that is consistent with the values and priorities of the Mamalilakulla people. He will share with us the challenges that were overcome during the establishment of this area and the benefits that it brings to the community and the wider region.

    This presentation is a unique opportunity for us to learn from and engage with Indigenous leaders who are at the forefront of conservation efforts. It is a chance for us to learn about the importance of Indigenous-led conservation initiatives and the positive impacts that they can have on both the environment and Indigenous communities.

    We encourage all members of the BC Marine Trails community to attend this presentation and learn more about the Gwaxdlala/Nalaxdlala Indigenous protected and conserved area. This is a chance for us to deepen our understanding of the cultural and ecological significance of this area and to show our support for the efforts being made to protect and conserve it.

    The presentation will take place on March 28 @ 7:00 pm and will be held virtually onĀ  Zoom. Open to all. You can register in advance here. We look forward to seeing you there.


    Cameron Dalinghaus

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