Zoom link for tonight’s meeting- Kayaking in Antarctica

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    Join us at 7:30 pm with SKABC members Benjamin and Katya to screen the film they made of their Antarctic trip. More details are below.  Breakout rooms will be open after the presentation.

    <strong>Here’s a Zoom link:</strong>

    Meeting ID: 860 5425 3245
    Passcode: 453575

    In February 2022, Katya Yushmanova and Benjamin Walsh took the trip of a lifetime to the Antarctic Peninsula. Crossing the Drake Passage on the sailboat Spirit of Sydney, they spent the next three weeks exploring Antarctica by kayak. An official selection at the 2023 Dana Point Film Festival, Edge of the Human World chronicles their trip and the surreal experience of being in a place where the troubles of the human world seem both distant and strikingly real.

    Benjamin Walsh is a poet and filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. He never feels more inspired than when he is sitting in a kayak.

    Katya Yushmanova is a painter and a landscape architect based in Vancouver. Her passion for adventure has led her to hike, sail, and kayak much of the Pacific Northwest.

    Ben and Katya have been members of SKABC since 2015.

    Here is a one minute trailer: https://youtu.be/Mkg2GUR7SSM?si=u8iYBz-HRBq0o7bK

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