Young Pt, Lasqueti Island

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    Nick Heath

    The BC Parks foundation is trying to raise the last $90K or so towards the purchase of this large natural property at the SW corner of Lasqueti.

    To me this is a v significant property for both paddlers and naturalists, like  W Ballenas I, (to the purchase of which SKABC contributed $1000 and individual members contributed significant sums too).

    I have paddled by here longingly and have boated too here just wishing it was public land as we were searching doggedly for public land for a Marine Trail site near here, to make the crossing from Vancouver I to Texada/Thormanby safer by providing more options for shelter and rest.

    I’ve asked that SKABC donate $1000 from the legacy fund towards purchasing Young Pt. Contributions from individual members are also encouraged. The fundraising deadline is soon –¬† 30 Sept.

    Please help if you can.


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    Nick Heath

    The BC Parks Fdn. met its target by the 30 Sept deadline so it looks like we will (eventually) get this land added to the adjacent Squitty Bay Prov Park. I had some correspondence with Andy Day, BCPF head, and he warned that camping might still be prohibited, as it is currently at Squitty Bay. He says that this is mainly as a result of the concerns of locals about the danger here of a wildfire potentially caused by campers. I can see this point, but I observed that campfires in locations such as this should not be permitted and that paddler-in campers are already quite used to such rules (e.g. Curme Is, Copeland Is etc). He says this is the main reason that camping was limited to Jedediah I, some 4 NM away from Squitty Bay and 5 NM from Young Pt.

    It will be important in future to un-link kayak camping from campfires and especially from large fires recklessly set in upland locations, although in dry conditions, beach fires are almost as problematic. With the prevalent current media images of large campfires, young fun-loving people and booze, this will be a challenge!

    Anyhow, thank you all for your very worthwhile contributions! The site is wonderful and ideal for visiting by kayak!

    Debra Merchant

    Still hoping this is a go and adding my contribution to help!

    Kapila Jayaweera

    What a great initiative Nick. I just donated $100 to this fundraising campaign, and hoping to paddle to this location one day.

    Maureen Benzon

    Thanks, Nick. The donation fro skabc is a wonderful idea. I have already donated on behalf of myself and my grandchildren, hoping that one day they will be kayakers too!

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