Year End Photo Highlights

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    Allan Edwin

    Hello fellow paddlers!

    You should have got a reminder this morning of the coming club Xmas party. For this year I would like to put together a photo presentation (and maybe include some quick video clips) of your best photos from this year’s activities.

    Of course you will have photos on the water, but any club events are welcome too. If you have images or video to submit, please email me directly and I will send you a link to a folder you can upload to. I’d like for this to be a surprise, so there will not be a giant shared folder for everyone. Same rules as for gifts: No Peeking!

    With your images, please include – who/when/where, because I know there will be plenty of “omigosh wow! who/where/when was that!?” reactions.

    Have a good time going through your archives. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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    Nick Heath

    Thank you v much for putting together the presentation of images, Allan. It was super to see so much varied activity all in the same year! I wish each image had been displayed for longer than 2 sec., but I understand that this is the abbreviated attention span one must cater to nowadays!

    Allan Edwin

    Thank-you everyone who contributed photos to this project! I was really pleased to (finally) get everyone’s images, almost 400 of them and not all from Mr. Nick Heath.

    I knew I’d see some amazing shots, after seeing all the trips posted this year and hearing your stories. It very much helped quell the jealousy pangs sorting through them all 🙂 We have some very talented photographers in our ranks. The DJ we got for the party was quite impressed.

    For those of you who didn’t get to see the presentation, I will be showing it at the January club meeting. Don’t miss out!

    Allan Edwin

    Still looking for more photo submissions! Please email me ASAP!

    Quirine Schuyff

    Wonderful idea!

    Once I have some time I’ll find one….or 20! 🙂

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