Work Party Thursday Vancouver

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    Nick Heath

    A few strong, experienced members are needed to retrieve some specific lumber pieces from a house in E Vancouver that is due to be demolished shortly. Specifically, we want to save some cedar steps and fir 2 x 10 rafters/beams that form the carport roof. There might be some additional useful pieces, too
    The plan is to store these pieces nearby, maybe until Spring, then to build some tent platforms at some of the Howe Sd campsites. The cedar will likely be used sooner for foot treads on a new log bridge just built at Tantalus Landing.

    Any potential volunteer can pl email me

    Work boots, protective clothing, gloves, hearing and eye protection needed. I’d suggest a hard hat too. A pickup truck would be helpful, if anyone has one.

    We will approach the wrecking carefully and safely. We expect to be able to use some power tools such as recip saw, elec chainsaw, skilsaw. Volunteers might need their own hammers and crow/pry bar, but we have all sorts of demolition tools, so this is not really necessary.

    We could wait until the backhoe crew has knocked the structure down and ask the contractor to retrieve and set aside these pieces for us (saving them the dumping fee, charged by weight) but they could be damaged and worthless by then.

    The drywall and any asbestos have already been professionally removed.

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    Sarka Lhotak

    Do you know of somebody who can repair my aging boat? I need a full gel coat of the hull and to replace all the rigging and straps.

    Thank you,



    Nick Heath

    Many hearty thanks to Kirsten, Martin, Steve and Kurt who braved the soggy conditions and retrieved some usable lumber for Howe Sd projects! ..and to Lorraine and Kurt for storage until we can get our Spring projects started and Kirsten and David for loading unloading and stacking the dirty wet heavy stuff. (After a hot shower) I felt good to be part of such a super club of volunteers!

    ..and at least we didn’t miss a good paddling day by doing this!


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