Weekend Trips in March & April

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    Allan Edwin

    Looking to see if there are any other Advanced Beginner / Intermediate paddlers interested in weekend trips in March & April.

    When the weather gets cold, the light is limited, and you’ve only got a weekend, a paddle that would be easy-peasy (and crowded!) in summer, makes for memorable adventures for the willing and prepared.

    Some trips I’ve considered:

    * Alouette Lake
    * Keats Island – from any of Whytecliff, Bowen Bay, or Gibsons
    * Thornbrough or Bain Creek (West Howe Sound) – from Porteau Cove
    * Halkett Bay (Gambier Island) – from Porteau Cove
    * Buccaneer Bay (Thormanby Island) – from any of Davis Bay, Sargeant Bay, or Welcome Beach

    These are suggestions; not all will get done. I figure I’ve got a shot at 2 weekend trips at least in the next 2 months. For me, more options are better than less.

    Example of my destination consideration: Thormanby is the only site listed I haven’t been before. I know it’s quite an exposed camp site, but if there’s a decent weather weekend forecast I figure it’s worth seeing without the summer crowds and site reservations.

    Example of my route consideration: The Davis Bay to Thormanby could be brutal if the winds are foul: 3C would be pushing my limits. I would give it a pass in that case. If the wind forecast is kind, it would be good training for summer crossings.

    I am open to: (a) posting a club trip, (b) doing this informally (not a club trip), or (c) going solo. Last year I paddled every month of the year and camped many of them. I’d like to stay on that pace this year, but attempting “the more, the merrier!” strategy as well.

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    Allan Edwin

    Mar 16, 17 looks like it will work!

    The best campsites (IMHO) are at the mouth of Moyer Creek, about 5 minutes paddle from the narrows at the middle of the lake and around 2.5 – 3 hours paddle from the boat launch at the south end of the lake. I have base-camped there before and then explored the rest of the lake.

    Alouette Lake

    Depending on work schedules and who can come, this could be either 2 nights (Fri, Sat) or just overnight (Sat).

    Also thinking this won’t be an official trip, so if you are interested in coming along, post here and then we can take it off-line to sort out the details!



    Quirine Schuyff

    I’m up for doing Mar 16/17. If we go somewhere we are allowed to have a fire that would be cozy! How about Alouette? I have never done anything on that lake and would like to. Or even up to Granite Falls. I’ve been there but not as an out and back kayak trip.

    The Mar 30/31 weekend is right after the Film Fest which I’ll be working so won’t have much time to prep that evening.

    Let me know what you think!


    Allan Edwin

    Good to have another paddler on board. This is what the rest of this month is looking like for me.

    Wknd 1: Mar 2, 3
    Wknd 2: Mar 9, 10 – booked
    Wknd 3: Mar 16, 17 – maybe!
    Wknd 4: Mar 23, 24 – booked
    Wknd 5: Mar 30, 31 – maybe!

    I will be watching the forecasts pretty closely.

    Annette Muttray

    Hi Allan,   I’m interested in weekend paddles in April. I’m also skiing in March. 🙂   I can sometimes paddle on Mondays and Fridays as well – it depends on my work schedule. I have a wet suit, but not a dry suit. I have been to Thornamby a number of times. There are some unofficial and more hidden camp options in coves along the south end of South Thornamby as well. For small groups only. Other paddle-and-camp destinations sound good too.

    Allan Edwin

    Tomorrow’s forecast sounds really great. I hope you find safe passage wherever you decide to go. If you take pictures, don’t forget to forward to our Media team to post 🙂

    Quirine Schuyff

    I have a dry suit that keeps me mostly dry. Looking for a new one but it works fine. The weather does look great this weekend! I think I might just head out on the water tomorrow. Maybe even early morning. No winds predicted at all as far as I can see. It is too bad that you are booked!

    Allan Edwin

    Hi Sarka. Lucky you! Skiing in March. April is starting to warm up, literally and trips-wise! Keep an eye on the Trips List page.

    Sarka Lhotak

    I am interested in these trips for the second half of April (still skiing in March and in Europe first two weeks of April). I have’t been to Thormanby, it is on my list. I’ve done lots of kayak trips, some solo. I am quite flexible, also through the week, informal trips may have more flexibility for choosing conditions.

    Allan Edwin

    That’s great! I’m hoping there’s more of us out there.

    Do you have a dry suit?

    Looking at Sailflow.com this morning, the winds are light in Howe Sound. It’s 11 NM from Batchelor Cove in West Van to Plumper Cove on Keats. It is a 2 km crossing from Whytecliff to Snug Cove on Bowen. It’s 3 km from Little Flower Islet to Keats. It feels very doable to me. Too bad I’m already booked for this weekend.

    Quirine Schuyff

    I would be interested in any of these locations.

    I’ve got lots of experience kayak camping and paddling in general but I’d still rate myself as low intermediate? My boat and I aren’t the most confident in heavy winds but I probably need to change that!

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