Water, water everywhere; nowhere to keep my kayak

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    Pam Proctor

    Hello to any who read the post. New to the association. Moved very recently for work from Saskatchewan and bring years of lake kayaking/backcountry camping, some whitewater I. Thrilled to have brought my beautiful P&H Cetus LV to use in the actual sea! Right now I rent a townhouse with a garage so I can store it, but it’s a short term lease.

    As I look for more permanent housing I am struggling to find storage options. None of the marine areas have room; townhouses are pricey for someone who just took a hit from a slow SK housing market, unless I move prohibitively far out. I can’t be the only one in the same, er, boat.

    Do condo properties with underground parking to allow storage of a kayak? On a rack, on the wall, or in a second parking stall? I’ve read some strata docs and some allow ‘licensed trailers’ in the underground parkade – has anyone used this loophole? I’ll gladly buy one to store my kayak on.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck trying to reach out to condo boards (contact info not accessible to random buyers) quickly enough not to miss out on the bidding.  And damn it I’m not giving up this boat!

    Any tips, tricks, suggestions … I’m open!

    I look forward to meeting a few of you as I settle in!

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    Pam Proctor

    Thanks again to everyone – this was very helpful!

    Still searching for real estate that will allow trailers in the parkade. Not all do and some expressly forbid it, so I have to search through the strata docs right away. With so few properties for sale, I still don’t know where I will end up but I’ll keep at it!

    Bob Meraw

    If you settle in the tri cities I have room beside the house.

    John Truchan

    Hi Pam:

    Looks like you are getting plenty of options to consider.  I found myself in a similar situation 3 or 4 months ago when considering purchasing a kayak – I live in a small condo near Commercial Drive – where do I store the thing. From my investigations here’s the bottom line.

    The two ‘bodies’ you need to worry about are the Strata Council and the Fire Marshal’s Office. Of the two, the Strata can be the most worrisome because there appears to be no hard and fast rules. In my case, the Strata said they have no problem with it as long as the Fire Department doesn’t object. The Strata may have rules for brackets, drilling holes, obstruction of pathways etc so it frustrating to navigate through those shoals and is likely on a case by case basis.

    The Vancouver Fire department was pretty straight forward – they have no problem with kayaks. It needs to be off the floor and at least 18″ from a sprinkler head. The director I talked to said to imagine it this way – in the event of a fire there will be smoke and no light in the garage. They don’t want to be stumbling over anything or running into anything lying around on a floor while trying to put out a fire in a burning car. Otherwise, they seemed pretty reasonable.

    It also depends on the jurisdiction you’re in. I have the feeling City of Vancouver has different rules (slightly less stringent) from other municipalities so you’ll need to undertake due diligence and contact your local Fire Department. I have a copy of the bulletin that the City of Vancouver sent to me which I presented to the my Strata as evidence that the fire department was on side. (I don’t see where I can attach the document to this reply so if you want send your email address to me jftruchan@gmail.com and I will forward it to you.) With that in mind the Strata still wants to see where and how the boat will be stored. It’s trickier than you think because of the length, any suspended drain pipes and you need clearance to get around or under it to get into your car. Parking stalls are not luxurious in dimensions.

    Finally, where I live, fire is not the issue, theft is. Ask you house insurance provider if they have any provisions/qualifications for storage of a kayak.

    In the end I decided not to buy a kayak this year and, when I rent, I just leave the kayak on the car roof rack overnight. Your case is different I realise.

    Lots to consider but do-able with persistence.


    John Truchan




    Jennifer Brassel

    We’re in Maple Ridge and would be happy to come to an arrangement if you’re nearby…we sold our Saskatoon house last year (lived there only in 2009) and bought bare land on Vancouver Island. The only place we could afford! We plan to turn it into a kayaker’s B&B…someday.

    Pam Proctor

    Peter, I’m flying back to Saskatoon this am – will try to find the time to connect soon!

    Pam Proctor

    So helpful – thank you, everyone! This gives me options where there appeared to be none.

    Awesome ideas! For further information:

    – I now live in the Fraser Valley area but want to move to the Tri-cities area to be closer to work; or perhaps Burnaby or New West, depending. Realistically, anything further west is beyond my means.

    – I’d gladly haul it inside an apartment if it could come in straight and fit (Half a million dollars just doesn’t go as far as it used to these days). It’s just me and it’s well over three times my height. I could earn the nickname Calamity Pam if I had to manoeuvre it too much!

    – I have eked out a fine living, but out here I won’t be living in anything with a yard or a basement, guaranteed.

    – There are so few listings on the market so options are very limited. To illustrate:  My *neighbourhood* in Saskatoon had more apartment condominiums listed for sale than all of Surrey combined.

    – I have put myself on waitlists for outdoor storage at several of the sites that offer it, but my inclination is to have it close so I can throw it on the car and head off in any direction I please at a whim; not to mention admire it daily 🙂

    On my hunt for real estate, the agent sends the strata docs for my review. Not all say you can have a trailer, but some do. I feel this is the least resistant path to success.

    As for kayaks on the walls of parkades, agreed – condo boards need some schooling in thinking outside the box. Reading strata docs you have to wonder if anyone realizes what an insult to liberty they are 😉

    In Saskatchewan, I happily headed out into the wilderness up north all on my own with a dog and some bear spray. It wasn’t exactly safe, but nonetheless it felt adventurous more than reckless. Here, with ocean currents and mountain lions and bears, I realize I needed to reach out to other kayakers before I do anything foolish. I’m happy to have found this association!



    Peter Loppe

    If you are considering storing your kayak off-site, I have a storge spave available at a covered facility right on English Bay Beach. Costs $350 for the year.

    Peter 604-339-5025

    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Pam,

    I live in a condo in Surrey; I’m the president of my strata.  A couple of years ago we were reviewing our by-laws and making amendments as to what was permitted in the parking spaces.  We included a clause that allows council to make decisions on a case by case basis.  I submitted a request to hang my kayak, on the wall of my two parking stalls.  I included pictures of what the setup would look like, as well I committed to keeping the space tidy and clean and I made sure it didn’t interfere with the neighbouring stalls.  Our property manager at the time insisted that she had never seen a kayak in the parkade of a condo, I responded that there is a first time for everything 🙂

    We have since had several fire inspections and we’ve never had any issues with the inspectors with regards to the kayak.  I recently submitted a request to hang a second kayak which has been approved.  In truth I do a lot for our condo and it is possible it influenced the council’s decisions, I’ve also strived to train council members and property managers to think outside the box and challenge the status quo as long as it’s reasonable.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck

    Brian Pegg

    Hi Pam –

    I live in a townhouse too with nowhere to store a boat, in Kitsilano.  I have kept mine at Jericho Sailing Centre for three years now, $200 per year includes membership (lounge, workshop, showers) and I can go paddling whenever I like from Jericho Beach.  Its outdoor storage.


    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    We store our two 17′ boats on the living room wall. It looks kinda cool and doesn’t take up that much space. Lucky to be on the first floor with courtyard access. The angle work out just right to wiggle the kayaks in.

    Geza Vamos

    I have a garage spot near the beach in kits, at least until September and longer term for sure a space on a covered outdoor rack.  Are yo interested in easy whitewater paddles here? I am looking for sea and river paddle buddies for Saturdays.

    Jennifer Brassel

    You should mention where you live, in case someone can help you out. We keep our Cetus (MV) in the basement where there’s plenty of room.

    Lynn Malbeuf

    I have just gone through this in the condo that I purchased in December. I requested, but the strata would not allow a free standing Kayak storage nor could I mount anything on the wall. They do allow boats on trailers, so I found a small (4’x8′) trailer that is perfect for my two 14.5′ Delta kayaks. The trailer is new (boxed, needing to be assembled) for $760.00. My friend assembled it for me and it is perfect! The unique feature about it for me is that it folds in 1/2 and stands upright against the back wall of my parking spot when not in use. I purchased it from JSE Equipment in Mission.  Hope this helps!

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