Water Taxi Transport

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    Susan Servos-Sept

    During water taxi transport, does stacking fiberglass boats on each other hurt them? Could be rough water.

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    Nick Heath

    Like Maureen, my experience is limited, too.  It seems that the better/more experienced companies have equipped their boats with cradles specifically for kayaks. Canoes will go well on standard flat bar racks like a roof rack and SUPs usually stack up on their sides or on top, with skegs removed.  I would maybe ask and bring along with you whatever you think you need to protect the boat’s finish. Stacking kayaks on top of each other sounds like a bad idea.  The taxi boats will pound if the water is at all rough.  The taxi operators prefer to do all the lashing themselves (I don;t blame them) but they are interested primarily in the security of their load .

    Maureen Benzon

    Hi Susan,

    I would imagine it would. However, in my limited experience with water taxis, the kayaks have either been side by side, or stacked on custom racks. Kayaks, of course need to be empty. Best to make enquiries with the company you intend to use.

    I’m interested to hear of others’ experiences

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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