Wallace Island Access

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    Paul Fenton

    Greetings- wondering if there is beach/kayak load in access at the Bodega Park, or nearby from Galiano or if a better access point off Galiano.

    Thanks, P.


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    Peter Tutak

    Agree with Laura, as I’m just returning from there. Only thing I’d add is that Launching from Retreat Cove wharf is better done with singles. Tandem is problematic. Also watch for north westerlies that can make Trincomali adventurous.

    Laura Kynnersley
    Two spots come to mind. The Provincial Park is quite an easy launch site (with boat ramp and parking). Also, there is a gov’t wharf further up island that we have launched from. Past Retreat Cove, closer to the north end. It’s better when the tide is not too low so the ramp isn’t at so steep an angle. There is some parking there as well.
    Hope that helps :)<br clear=”none” />
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