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    Debra Merchant

    I’m sharing this announcement from BCMT:

    Special Request for Volunteers: Port McNeill
    Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures has contracted with Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis First Nations (KHFN) to build 12 tent platforms, two outhouses, a covered kitchen area, installation of bear boxes, and a kayak storage area (maybe just logs!). The camp will be for public and commercial use. Many of the camps within the Broughtons are commercial-only so this is a change of direction.

    Volunteers are needed during two main periods of time in May: May 8th to 12th and May 15th to 19th. It is also possible to assist on the Fox Group Islands from May 3rd to 5th on preparatory type work. While carpentry skills are welcome, basic construction experience is all that is needed (that is, holding a board or putting in a screw with a tool). Lumber is already pre-cut to length.

    This is not a kayaking adventure. Volunteers will be transported from Port McNeill. Check with Andrew Jones about more details regarding transport, food and accommodation.

    There might be the option of additional accommodation and meals at Echo Bay or people can camp/cook their own meals at the site. Andrew needs to firm up volunteers by April 22nd, approximately. Please contact him directly at Kingfisher through his email andrew.jones@kingfisher.ca or call 250-956-4617 or 866-546-4347 for more details. Let Andrew know you are a BCMT member.

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