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    Mick Allen

    I don’t know how many are following, but Randy has been putting down great [nautical] mileage averages to hit a record circumnavigation.

    Unfortunately, he’s had to temporarily stop right at Cape Scott[!] because of conditions – and we’ll have to see how long this lasts. Obviously his time is jeopardized, ratz.

    This shows where he’s been and how he’s been doing:

    on LHS, click on arrow under his name to see messages and time.

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    Mick Allen

    Now headwinds . . . so, better luck next time: He’s going to the inside of Nootka Island [whew, I bet!]and bailing somewhere like Zeballos or Tahsis.
    When he gets going, he sure pounds it down though.



    Randy’s doing great again and is really moving again after some harsh weather has let up a bit for him. You can track him in near real time at:

    and you can follow other commentary and discussion about his trip at:

    We all wish Randy a safe journey with lots of great stories to tell. For Randy’s sake I wish more whales and cetaceans will keep him company…he seems to be a bit lonely! 🙂


    Mick Allen

    Too bad, it looks like he’s had to hunker down at Lawn Point because of the weather. Crossed fingers that he leaves when it’s safe and has a good transit past Brooks Peninsula.

    When he had the conditions, he sure was pounding the time and distance down. I’m sure he’s disappointed but has no reason to be: ultimately, its all about the journey.

    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Mick,

    Great idea to share Randy’s circumnavigation goal with the membership; I’ve been following and sending short message of encouragement.  I’m sure Randy greatly appreciates our support.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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