Underground Parking and Kayak storage

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    Joan Jones

    Hi all,  I would like to know how to store kayaks above a parking space in an underground parking area.  I have heard of pulley systems that allow one to park with kayaks on roof of car and then raise them up for storage.  Can anyone comment on how this is done?  How to install such a system? Photos would also be very helpful.  Thank you, Joan Jones

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    Mick Allen

    this might be of use if you can attach it.


    Philip Kubik

    Hello Joan,

    I have two such systems in my garage. Someone involved with construction inspection told me that if there is anything above the fire sprinklers a pullye system could contravene fire regulations in an underground parking lot.

    In any event, in my garage I use pulley system at the front and one at the rear of the kayak. A carabiner on the bottom pulley is clipped to a loose fitting webbing sling which goes around the kayak. The bottom pulley is double as is the one above, attached to the rafters. In addition, I have single pulleys to guide the rope to the side of the garage and along the wall.

    4 mm rope is strong enough but a bit uncomfortable on bare hands when raising the kayak. 6 mm rope is probably a good choice. 9 mm rope has a nice feel but is bulky, more expensive, and requires larger pulleys. I used cheap pulleys from Canadian Tire but some stores may not carry double pulleys of a suitable size.

    On the weekend, I can send you some photos.

    Philip Kubik

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