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    Mike Gilbert

    I have some time available after the first week of September.  It has been a rather sad summer for both these topics for many.  I think I am one of the lucky ones having been able to give some tours as well as do some Paddle Canada courses.

    If you are interested in getting going on some training this fall with me let me know what your topics / paddle skills of interest are and when you might be available to work on them.  Maybe we can get a group together to work on some special skills.  No chickens…you need to have wet exits and re-entriy skills under your belt for this year.  I love going in the water and you will too.  There would be a $5.00 Paddle Canada clinic fee per person.

    Trips…who has an overnight trip they would be interested in going on?  Where is it and for how long?  I can lead and provide some skill instruction along the way but would ask my expenses be paid by those in the group coming along.  Asking too much?

    I am away August 16th – 22nd leading a tour through the Broughtons.  Also away Sept. 1 – 7th instructing a paddle Canada Level 3 Skills course up in God’s Pocket.

    I can get in touch with any replies between the two or after Sept 7th.

    Who’s ichin to git paddlin?


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