Trips: Broughton Archipelago (July 16-21)/God’s Pocket (July 21-29)

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    George Prevost

    I will be joining two visitors from Australia for two back-to-back trips on the dates listed in the topic.  (You may may have seen a post here from Sam a few weeks ago.  Search the forum for “Sam North” to find it.)  Since there are just the three of us, we’re offering places for one or two more people to join us on one or the other of the trips, or both.  (Clark Perry-Bater may be joining us for the second one.)

    For the first trip, we will travel to Telegraph Cove on July 16 and then launch from there on July 17 to explore the Johnstone Strait/Broughton Archipelago area.  On July 21 we will return to Telegraph Cove and camp there or nearby.  (If you want to join us for just the first trip, you could head home on the 21st.)  The next day, July 22, we will drive to Port Hardy and head out towards God’s Pocket and beyond.  (If you want to join us for just the second trip, you’d need to meet us near Telegraph Cove on the afternoon or evening of July 21.)  On July 28 we will return to Port Hardy and on July 29 we will head back to Nanaimo and the ferry home.

    We plan to change campsites most nights to maximize the area we can cover but will probably spend two nights at least one campsite each trip.  Distances travelled each day will vary, based on the weather, how people are feeling, etc. but we expect to cover somewhere between 6 and 12 nautical miles most days.  Both trips are most suitable for intermediate to advanced paddlers who are able to handle trips in the 3B to 3C range, although much of our paddling should be in easier waters.

    If you are interested, please get in touch with me as soon as possible, either by replying here or emailing me at  I’m leaving for a week-long trip Saturday morning, returning the evening of Friday, July 8, and it would probably be best if you’re able to contact me before I leave.


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