Trip Around Princess Royal Island

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    Peter Bruton


    Some day I would like to circumnavigate Princess Royal Island.   If any members of the SKABC have paddled this area, would they be willing to share their experiences?

    I can be reached at or reply to this post.

    Peter Bruton



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    Peter Bruton

    Hello Heather;

    Thank-you for your response.  I would be interested in your thoughts on the trip and potential campsites.  I purchased The Wild Coast series of books several years ago and was using that as my main source trip/campsite information.

    I would be interested in touching base with Don Griffiths if you can arrange this.

    Have a good day.

    Heather Kirk


    I haven’t circumnavigated it but but I’ve launched from Klemtu and paddled north and then west through the passage between Swindle and Princess Royal. I can tell you the launch/camping details of that area if it’s helpful. I do know that Don Griffiths, a long time (former) member, did it some years ago. I think I still have his contact information. I could try to put the two of you together if you’d like.




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