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    Bob Meraw

    Last August I lost a coworker in an accident more fitting to a horror movie than a workplace. He left behind 3 boys aged 10, 15 and 17 that he was raising himself. I took up a collection for Christmas gifts at work and have received a great deal of money. Now I am trying to decide which activities and gifts would work to brighten up their first Christmas without their father. I am currently planning some outings and would like to ask if the club would allow them to take the wet exit  and rescue course or another suitable beginner training course without joining the club to see if this is something they may be interested in. I will supply all of the equipment they may need. I do not know who makes this decision so I put it to the general membership through general discussion.

    Please let me know what you decide.


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    Chantal Ethier

    Hello Everyone,

    I received a few email wondering if Bob has heard from anyone on the Exec/Directorship. I replied to Bob via personal email last night. I understand others did the same.  I am pleased to say that as expected members of the club are happy to assist Bob in trying to arrange some special moments for his friend’s children.

    As I mentioned to Bob, I am sure many more members will be supportive of his effort, whether they are in touch with him directly or simply in their thoughts.  We will go about this the right away to avoid liability issues, while rallying around as the wonderful community that is SKABC.


    Thank you for reaching out and allowing us to do our part to brighten these young men’s days and perhaps impact their future.

    Merry Christmas Everyone,


    President/Training Officer

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