Tools for Howe Sd?

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    Nick Heath

    Steve & I agreed that, now that we have lockable storage at each of the 6 Howe Sd Recreation sites under our stewardship, we should keep some basic maintenance  tools there, so that our Howe Sd Team members can travel by kayak without having to carry tools each time they visit.

    Before we head out and buy these tools, are there members who might have surplus ones they no longer want or need?

    We need: stiff broom, lopper,  bow (swede) saw, flat back or bow rake, long handle shovel,  mattock with pick or axe,  hoe (not a “Dutch Hoe”), hand trowel, club/lump/sledge hammer , axe or hatchet.

    If you have something you are willing to donate pl. send me a photo of it so I can see if it is what we are looking for.  My email address is treasurer2(at)

    Pickup in the next few weeks or whenever it is convenient for you. No rush!


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    Nick Heath

    Thanks go out to our contributors, Enoth, Sue & Thom! This saves the club a few $ to spend (wisely) elsewhere.

    George Prevost

    I think it’s worth saying over and over again how great it is that Nick and Steve and some of our other members have done such terrific work in developing and maintaining these sites, and that we as a club have been able to provide significant financial support.  The benefits will be felt for many years, not just by our members, but by all paddlers in our region and beyond.  Thank you, Nick, Steve and the rest!

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