Tides at Widgeon Creek, Pitt Lk.

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    Bob Maher

    Does anyone know how to figure out what the tides will be for Pitt Lake /  Widgeon creek area? Do the Tides at Pitt Lake have a big affect for Widgeon Creek? I  paddle Widgeon Creek to the Camp Grounds and the Falls several times a year and only have had really low water in mid July and August after the Runoff has stopped and when we are having an extended Heat Spell. (This year could be different for the runoff due to the low snow pack)
    Thanks Bob Maher

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    Nick Heath

    As I rather rashly wrote in the Grant Narrows entry on the BCMT map:

    “Some (people) estimate 4-6 hrs later than Pt Atkinson or 2.5 – 4.5 hrs later than New Westminster depending on flow in Fraser.”

    A rising tide at Sand Heads/Steveston slows the river flow, which the backs up the Pitt R and Pitt Lk. When the Fraser is in freshet (mid May- late June more or less) I assume this happens sooner than during lower flows, but I might be wrong about the timing. The level of Pitt Lk makes a difference, too, as already mentioned. I assume it is not so high this year, with a below average snow pack. Hence wading is more than likely.

    Heather Kirk

    I agree with Jonas. I live out in Maple Ridge. I add 3 hours from Deep Cove and it works as a fairly good approximation. I have often been up Widgeon during the dry times of year and not been able to make it to the campsite unless I wanted to trudge through the sludge but I have also been up there when the water level was so high we could paddle across Siwash Island. Of course the tides and the runoff of Pitt Lake affect Widgeon and it’s a bit difficult to predict but it’s still worth going to see the flora and the lovely birds and the occasional bear.

    Mark Stoakes

    The New Westminster tide Station might give a better result


    Jonas Lindgren

    I add four hours to the Point Atkinson tide table, which seems to work well in general. The water level of Pitt Lake will affect this rule slightly.  I hope that this helps.


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