Tide Back Eddy West Vancouver

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    Nick Jones

    I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about or information about how the tides work West of Lions Gate Bridge?   I was paddling last night as the tide was coming (from West to East) but as I paddled back East along the West Vancouver shore the water was flowing West (against the direction of the flood tide).   Is there a back eddy that happens along this shore for both Flood and Ebb tides?

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    Jonathan Stewart

    The freighters that are anchored along the West Van shoreline can be a useful flow indicator (in the absence of wind).  They can often be pointed in a different direction than the others in English Bay.

    Nick Jones

    FYI I found a diagram online that shows that a back eddy does exist during a flood tide.

    Burrard Inlet Back Eddy

    Bob Maher



    Bob Putman at Coast Outdoor paddles there a lot. He should give you some information.


    Bob Maher

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