the cure

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    Stephen Tarrant

    Pretty sure salt water kills coronavirus.   Recommend further testing.   Just saying.     😉

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    Kevin Amos

    I suffer from a condition since birth called male white privilege.  Maybe you are aware of it. The cure is to remove the funny bone.

    Mick Allen

    Maybe that’s a little harsh?

    Humour in trying situations is a time honoured way of  relieving a little tension . . . and it is silly and we all know it’s a little silly . . . so maybe it’s ok as we’re all in on the joke?  And heaven’s knows, the tension will be ratchetting up.

    And getting out on the water could be one short term method of social distancing.

    Kevin Amos

    I would think club members who have family or friends who are affected by quarantine, jobless or death would not see the humour. I would prefer you use Twitter for others who may share your views.

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