Surge Narrows – October 2020

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    Mike Gilbert

    I have reserved the nights of October 9, 10 & 11 (Thanksgiving Weekend), 2020 at Discover Island Lodge so we (SKABC members) can go play in and learn about some larger currents as well as do some brilliant sightseeing in and around that beautiful location.  There will be room for 12 members and 2 instructors only.  There will be current clinics, surfing the standing wave clinics and led tours over the 3 days. As there is limited space, this is just a heads up to know this is happening and the sooner you reserve your spot the better chance you have of joining us.  It will be lots of fun and some fantastic learning progressions.  Expect the price to be $260 – $270.  Contact Mike Gilbert for any further information.

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    Wayne Gooch

    Hello Mike

    I live in Powell River

    I would like join this trip. It looks like it is full. If more people can be added I would like to be one of them.


    Wayne Gooch


    Walter Aragon

    Hi Mike:

    I am interested, count me in , already sent you an email yesterday.


    George Prevost

    Hi Mike,

    I’d definitely like to come.  Please reserve a spot for me.


    George Prevost

    Chris Benn

    Hi Mike,


    I am interested in being part of this.


    Chris Benn

    Monty Drake

    Hi Mike,

    I am in/want to go. was there in the spring with Avaleigh.

    Regards, Monty

    Eva Jackson

    Hi Mike, Eva here.  Dermot just replied and is sending an email. We’d love to go!!!!

    Thanks and Cheers for the opportunity!

    🙂 Eva

    Dermot Shane

    Dermot and Eva are super interested


    sending an email

    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    I am in, please!

    Gaila Eddie

    Id love to join the trip; count me in.

    Carole Fitzgerald

    Hi Mike,

    I’m very interested in joining on this Thanksgiving trip and am keen to do the currents clinic as well whatever else is offered.

    Carole Fitzgerald

    Avaleigh Neill


    Would love to join your Surge Narrows trip, Thanksgiving Weekend 2020. I trained with you at Jericho this past Spring and had a great time, learned a lot and appreciated your teaching style.

    As well was successful installing static deck line with Delta.

    Avaleigh Neill

    Marina Gilson

    I’d love to join this trip, sounds fantastic!


    Josephine Kovacs

    I am interested . Josephine Kovacs

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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