Sunshine Coast Conservation Trips

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    Nick Heath

    We are planning to do conservation work at Simson Prov Park on the Sunshine Coast. We received a small Park Enhancement Fund grant for this work. It will enable us to pay ferry fares as needed, buy some tools and leather protective gloves etc.
    Last year, members identified a small but significant growth of invasive blackberry and ivy in the Park, which, if controlled early, will prevent a more massive infestation at this near-ideal location for paddlers.
    The plan:
    Pt 1 Camp 1-2 nights approx 24/25 Feb. Travel to S Thormanby I from Coopers Green, Halfmoon Bay by small power boat. Take brush cutter power tools. Cut down invasive blackberry canes. Gather up canes in heaps. Need 1-3 volunteers.

    Pt 2  Camp 1-2 nights approx 22/24 Mar. Travel to S Thormanby I from Coopers Green Halfmoon Bay by kayak. Take rakes, tarps. Move cut blackberry canes and previously cut ivy pieces to beach to burn. Look for other invasive plants in area, document & mark if found. Conduct hiking trail check for continuity N-S in Park. Clear trail obstructions, brush out. Need 4-6 volunteers.

    Why so early in the year? We must do the cutting before the birds start nesting.

    Sunshine Coast members welcome, and could be especially helpful if any logistical support is needed e.g. tool storage.
    The sign-up will be available shortly on the web site. Questions happily answered by Nick H or Cynthia K  –  conservation1(at)

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    Nick Heath

    Registration is now open for the 22-24 Mar trip.

    Pl sign up!

    Any questions? – nheath (at)

    Colleen Cole

    Hi Nick – I can make the March 22-24 dates.

    Nick Heath

    Thks Jordan

    I cut quite a lot of ivy there last summer. It probably needs more effort, though. I’m considering rappelling off the cliffs it grows up to get closer to it – but don’t tell anyone or they’ll shut us down!



    Jordan Rosenfeld

    I can make March 22-24.  There’s some patches of English Ivy that would be good to yard out too 🙂

    Jordan Rosenfeld

    Nick Heath

    Super, Kelly. Thks!

    Kelly Robertson

    I can help on both dates and can bring loppers, pruners and a reciprocating saw.  I also have lots of dry firewood if needed.

    Nick Heath

    There used to be a post with a No Fires notice at the camping area, but a few years ago it was taken down and burned for firewood…Anyhow technically I think it is ‘no  camp fires’ here but I’ll get permission for a beach clippings burn. That is probably sufficient (unless the Park Ranger attends) to have a tent-warming fire and there is no shortage of wood to burn.

    Brian Pegg

    Hi Nick – I would be keen to go, provided I can lug a fairly heavy camping outfit.

    If we can lug firewood in, I will set up a tent with a wood stove so we can dry off if needed.  Or – does this park allow driftwood harvest for fires?   If yes then even easier.


    Nick Heath

    Excellent, Reed! Yes it will be under ‘Events” I guess. You are welcome to bring along a kayak – good plan if the weather is nice. It is a lovely area to paddle.

    I want to dig out all the roots – that is the correct way to do this job – but BC Parks have agreed with sishalh Nation that there will be ‘no ground disturbance’ so our hands are tied unless we are willing to hire a professional archaeologist to stand over each volunteer who digs out a root! Somewhat crazy, I know, at this former cleared farm site which has also been extensively logged!

    It also means that the cutting will need repeating, possibly annually, until the blackberry or we give up.

    Reed Clarke

    I can do that.

    I notice you only mention cutting down the invasive plants. Not digging up the roots?

    Will this be listed under Events?

    Also, if the weather is decent, I might bring along my kayak and stay an extra day for some paddling.

    Cheers, Reed

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