Stolen orange kayaks

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    Calling all kayakers for help.  A member had two kayaks stolen sometime between Friday, April 27 and Saturday morning, April 28, 2018.

    Photos of the kayaks are posted here on the forum. If you spot these around town or on an ad for sale, could you please report them ASAP.  Please contact the owner, Chantal Ethier at 604.787.7573 by phone or text.  If the kayaks are on a vehicle or someone’s yard , please take a picture and text it.

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    Linda Schwartz

    Hi Chantal.  So sorry to hear about this.  I will share with all my contacts & keep my phone handy for any potential photos.


    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Again,

    I keyed the serial number for the Vaag in this post; I should have provided this information instead.

    Valley, Gemini SP – K05MBJ1 (the serial # is in the cockpit, behind the seat, I think). There’a “Ten tree” decal between the front hatch and tip of the bow.

    Thanks for noticing J.!


    Anja Pakendorf

    Oh No Chantal !   That’s horrible !  I’ll keep an eye out for them.


    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for being concerned and caring, the details for this boat are as follows:

    Make:  Maelstrom

    Model:  Vaag

    Serial #:  QBOVGO89K91O

    Please let me know if you spot it on a vehicle, a picture would be great, at least the license plate or address, all details matter.  It would be really great if we, as a community, could get them back.  Two in one go is really difficult to swallow.

    Thanks again,



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