Stolen Delta kayak

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    Jonathan Stewart

    A friend had his 17′ red Delta kayak stolen from Hollyburn Sailing Club sometime around September 7.  The thieves cut the cable lock and carried the kayak out of the compound – some nerve.  No surveillance video, as kid’s activities at the club preclude it.  If anyone hears of such a boat for sale, please drop me a line.  Thanks.

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    Quirine Schuyff

    Oh no. Sorry to hear this. Yes, the serial number should help. Even if used, perhaps they can find out from the original owner/Delta?

    I hope it is found. Some audacity to steal kayaks. People are brazen.

    Jonathan Stewart

    Hi, Tyronne.  The boat is red, and has a number of JSC stickers on it (Jericho Sailing Centre).  Delta kayaks do have serial numbers, but as the boat was purchased used it likely wasn’t recorded.

    Tyronne L’Hirondelle

    Do you know what color it is, or any other identifying information?

    how are people marking their kayaks? BC Drives licence engraved somewhere?

    what other ways are people using?

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