Squamish Lumber delivery Wednesday 10 May

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    Nick Heath

    Volunteers needed for helping most of the day from about 9am. A truck will deliver yellow cedar lumber for future tent platforms at the govt works yard. Most of it (170 boards) is for SKABC’s 2023 projects. The lumber will be slung off the truck by crane but then we plan to a) trim the boards for length (easier to do here than on site) b) mark the trimmed boards to ID them and c) re-stack and cover them to dry them a little – they are rather heavy at present. At a later date, we’ll move them by water taxi or barge to Zorro Bay and Thornbrough Channel sites.  It is likely quite heavy work. Gloves, rain gear, lunch , earplugs, work boots, eye protection all needed and maybe a hardhat too. We can provide some of these items.

    Possible ride to/from Metro Vancouver. Pl let me know if you are available.

    Nick H.

    treasurer2 (at) skabc.org

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