Spring Fling carpooling?

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    Ken Hullett

    Hey all,

    Thought I’d introduce this topic again if people are starting to think about it more. Anyone looking for or offering rides should post here.

    I have my kayak stored at Burrard Marina and would appreciate a ride to either Cates Park or Deep Cove. I’m signed up for the Cates-Twin Island trip but am open to switching.



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    Mark Riser

    Hey everyone!

    My Trak 2.0 kayak just arrived and I’ve put it together for the first
    time. Nice!

    I’m hoping to join for some kayaking tomorrow. I’m working out at Deep
    Cove Kayak as an instructor / guide all summer, and have to be back for
    work at 4pm.

    I was hoping to get out to join one of the trips tomorrow.

    I still don’t have a paddle of my own or marine radio. Does anyone have
    a loaner- or is anyone selling theirs? I already put down so much cash
    into this kayak that cash is tight!

    Anyway, please give me a call if you’re going and you have any ideas of
    how I can join. I know this is last minute, but I really didn’t expect
    to be ready to go kayaking until FedEx dropped off my Trak a few hours


    Look forward to being on the water with you all soon.

    Mark Riser
    SKGABC AOG, Outdoor Instructor

    Ken Hullett

    Thanks for the offer, but I’m not able to go due to last minute out of town visitors.

    Lorraine Sharpsteen

    Ken if you mean the kayak storage area near Kits I can help you bring you bring your kayak to my house near QE Park tonight and the load tomorrow. It’s complicated because I’m already carpooling with someone from Richmond but it can be done. Call me to discuss 778-995-5071

    Jayne Hardy

    I live in the Killarney area and I would be happy to carpool with someone living near me in East Van.  My email is jh99155@gmail.com.

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