Southey Point to Wallace Island

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    Peter Tutak

    I’m thinking about a 2 or 3 nighter this August on Wallace Island, launching from

    Southey Point on Salt Spring. Are there any special considerations to bear in mind for this route, either in terms of launch ease/difficulty, tides, or currents/weather in Trincomali Channel ?

    Thanks ever so much !



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    Nick Heath

    Hi Peter,

    I concur with Tony’s comments, although it is only 1 NM from the point to the N tip of Wallace I so that means either waiting for the right moment when the wind is light or sucking it up for just 20 min. or so! (kidding, sort of…one must always be safety conscious!!)

    Sailing in this area, I would expect generally light NW winds in Aug – the usual sailors’ frustration – slow progress upwind or downwind and going across the channel (to get max boat speed on a beam reach)  doesn’t get you anywhere much.  Still, it might be honking from the NW with the right warm weather system sucking hot air up out of the interiors of Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho etc.

    I don’t know the launch at Southey Pt and can’t think why one would choose to start there.  I think, since you are vehicle based you should find a good shore-side parking spot first – might be harder than the paddling! Hudson should work ok.  Walker Hook likely has no long term parking option.

    I’ll put in a plug for being completely car free – although the launch at Wellbury Bay is a pain,  it is definitely do-able (I’ve done it) and there are other possibilities near other ferry terminals. The islanders will love you for leaving your car at Tsawwassen ( although you don’t really save any $ after paying for parking). however dining at various restaurants around the island, shopping in Ganges etc all become logistical challenges.

    Keep on watching the best kayak trip channel of all, Peter, at


    Nick Heath


    Peter Tutak


    Thanks very much !! That’s great to know. Not having launched from SaltSpring, I wasn’t sure what to expect at Southey, and the tip on Hudson is excellent. I will probably be parking at one of the local BandBs, since I’ll be staying at one before and after the paddle. Those northerlies are what I was curious about, since I’ve encountered them before in this area, going from Galliano to Wallace, and it wasn’t too pleasant. August is generally a clear month – maybe I need to plan for earlier, like July…



    Tony Clayton


    Launching at Southey Point is not the easiest and is only marginally better at a similar spot at the road end just to the west. A better launch site is near Hudson Pt. to the south on the east shore. Parking is very limited at all three locations.

    The tidal currents are not pronounced in that portion of Trincomali Channel but if the weather is clear and hot beware of strong northerly winds. Early morning and late evening offer the best conditions for crossing if the high pressure system creating these conditions is apparent.

    I hope that this helps.

    Tony Clayton.

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