Small Howe Sd work party Wed Thu this week

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    Nick Heath

    Steve and I plan to be moving logs for possible creek bridges at Thornbrough and Tantalus sites on 17/18 Oct. Likely heavy work. We maybe need 1 more strong person. We might tackle some canoe run maintenance – boulder rolling, too, if the log work is just too easy. Pl let Steve or Nick know.

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    Nick Heath

    Follow -up ..

    The small work party of Steve Best, Philip Kubik, and I with Sacha Sulaver on Wed only built a log bridge over the creek at Tantalus Landing. The work was quite hard, but the weather was perfect! it is too bad we didn’t have more daylight, because it was getting dark as we finished.  I’m sure we’ll be posting some photos once we get our gear washed and sorted…

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